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Die Hard

bike met Buick


cyclist was recycled,

’twas pickleweed

that lined the street

determined her survival,

an active chick

she bounced back quick

–quicker than the norm

in just 3 months,

she skied big bumps,

schussing in top form,

at half a year

was running clear–

to ‘Cito and beyond

she was no wimp,

and without limp,

she ran—that feisty blonde.

and though lately,

things have greatly,

changed her circumstances,

unflagging force

can right the course

and render loss advantage



Après moi, le déluge

lou and mary

Lou and Marie

dropped in unexpected

fine enough folk

despite the defection

and pouring a coke

to go with selection

of Versailles-tile cakes

(the Twinkie confection)

I found no utensils that suited a Queen…

So, split cake in thirds

with small guillotine…

©Karen Robiscoe

Daily Prompt: Goldilocks re-visited…or, what would you do if you came upon strangers eating cake in your living room. Because you know, it’s important to know what to do in such circumstances. Call the Pastry Po-Po, I suppose…;)

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