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Caged Fight

size of a fist,

heart beats your chest–

battering ribs

pummeling blood


pounding your ears

–bruising you

from the inside out.

Some stone,

some gold knuckled,

some without gloves,

it’s too obstinate

to concede. . . .

it’s only when

it decides to skip it

. . .


. .

are you

knocked out


of the ring


prompt: one way


never lurch

when you’re in church

take a perch


it would be worse

if lurch inverts

and trips you as


you might converts

devout–if skirts

flips up


so heed this verse

or you’ll be cursed

for misstep

when you’re dead





Equine Writes

Back in days of yore

–there was

a centaur waging war


he’d fallen for a flighty miss,

an equine known as Pegasus,

and way back when

–as story goes

was set against

–these horsey beaus

the reason being that the beasts,

had plows to sow

not vows for priests,

inflamed, the centaur sought


for equal rights

—no more

or less–

loading bow, and loosing arrow

felling those whose minds were narrow

and though the price

he paid

–was high

in end he wed his

–soaring bride

atop Olympus mount—

“I do’s”

were neighed and nickered,

swapping shoes

Yes story is


both dreadful


–so glorious

the resolution clear, of course,

the right to love–

half man & horse.


prompt: notorious



if you can’t be the best–

you can always be better,

since less is a mess

for losers and lessors

–your own thing

the lone thing–

you hone

no howevers.

whoever you are,

you’re a star

–lace or leather.

prompt: better

Cue: heart shower


–she wanted

mate of grander size,

with shiny fur


long-ass tail,

and sweetly beady eyes

. .

and at her job at theme park,

was one that made her melt

down like fuka

–shima– such a

pair’a gloves, and pelt.

and as it happened


helped the fella meet her

spinnin’ reels

with toon’ful feel

in theme park’s built in theatre

The duo started dating

and such was chemistry

that Mickey and his



embodied all


prompt: miniature


Miss and a Swing


Mis Placed

was lost


and tossed

a turn she didn’t tack

surprising, yes,

to Mis Direct

given her verknack

it took


faith to

take on

unexpected route

and so Mis Stepped

at first, but next,

she circled roundabout

and home Ward bound

a Way that wound

in fashions found in Roam

not haute couture

but warm nurture

was Atlas that led home.

Karen R.

prompt: misplaced

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