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earth breathes

–in through trees




winds howl

(in climatic shift)


–clouds knit

and bear down


tears hammer mud


spins until dry


prism in sky


(in climatic shift)


beats  like a heart


day in a life


Piscine Prompt

He was a really

BIG fish

if measured by scale. . .

heavy on the iridescence

the catch of which

varied by tail

blank eyes

might blink,

streams might reverse,

and Finned fellow

might fly!

always for himself &

~in this sense~



wp dp

Yays & Booze

Such insight

from bud light



“I love you, man”


of high degree

warrants beer in hand.

in wine

there’s truth

Erasmus said,

a fact withstanding time

veneers wear thin


the things we try to hide

so raise a glass

or maybe four

I think you really ought to

go off kilter

lose the filter

find genius in a bottle.

don’t be an idiom

running in circles

can drive you beserkles

reducing route to a rut

try laps—they’re endorsed,

a far better course

to round the cheeks of your butt

‘cause circles are vicious

a curve that’s malicious

geometry full of itself

a loop with a quirk

of being a jerk

and hoops are

bad for your health


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