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Text Box

You’re so square

you think

inside the box

(Big Brother soo approves)

–hell you carry it with you

that manmade shape

that shapes you

into edges and corners

hard to see around,

but is that natural?

is man?

(kind of)

it’s a banner epoch to be a mugger,

is all I’m saying

. . .

it’s better to be uneven

(I’ll level with you)

to be irregular…

(f*ck regulations)

Be a flying elephant


now those are some interesting






More Karen’ee Goodness

vanity copy

If I could clone myself

~I would~



myself ,



a trinity


–1 shy

–1 high

–1 spry.


The bashful me

would write the dream!

And dream up what I write…

Safely tucked,

away from stuff,

annotating life…


The loaded me

would make headlines!

To augment lines in head…

Fully charged,

& livin’ large,

steppin’ off the edge…


The nimble me

would walk the wire

between this

pair o’ dox…

impressive feet

from number 3

–a Rebel without Socks.

©Karen Robiscoe

daily prompt: clone your own

Never say Never


I never want to miss

the now

nor second stroke of lightning

not boiling pots

not mindful thoughts

nor goals met quite untimely

If that were so

I’d rather go

to Never-lands more likely


I never want to challenge death

nor wait upon tomorrow

no ducking love

nor bridesmaid gloves

nor lending things to borrow

if that were state

I’d pack suitcase

and never know such sorrow


Yes, “never” word’s

a bitch, I’ve heard

a gauntlet said not traveled

since “never” prate

seduces fate

and Nature wins most gambles

in future then

be wary when

the never word is babbled.

Karen Robiscoe

prompt: never say never


idioms used–or–Where’s Waldo:

Now or never

Lightning never strikes twice

A watched pot never boils

never mind

Better late than never

Never-never land

Never say die

Tomorrow never comes

Tis better to have loved & lost than never to have loved at all

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride

Never a lender or borrow be

I Got a Feeling

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

trust your gut

>that little voice<

any time you make

a choice,

since hairs

will only stand on nape,

when the feedback

is innate.

your sense that’s sixth

is intuition

comprising more

than inner frisson

composed of sheets of

fine perceptions

gathered from

untold impression

body language?

sure that’s one

and moues on mug

can start that thrum

add history

of other such

and soon

you’ll have

a flutter-gut.

Yes, Sig Man Freud

conjectured apt:


is utter crap

–all accidents

a misconception–

while ESP

is true collection…

of hundreds

maybe thousand


assembled from

the outside in.

©Karen Robiscoe

prompt: gut instinct

Colored Contacts


Black & white,

is quite all write,

when penning any verses…

but world sans,

a rainbow band,

is bland and quite accursed.


Yes, light’s destroyed,

in blackest void,

& white –though bright—is empty…

but hue I choose,

to shade unused,

can fill it full of plenty.


By purest chance,

I’ve kept my glance,

the color of first blush…

with rosy specs,

all grey deflects,

surrounding views as flush.


I’m in the pink

–and so is ink–

behind my fuchsia goggles…

my wordy rows,

a different prose,

since world view has toggled.


©Karen Robiscoe

daily prompt: local color

Look! It’s the Questionable Humor Man!


31 flavors

–like 26 letters

just isn’t enough

32’s better

a sure bet

it’s phatter

it makes the

gut flatter!

a cause

and effect

that’s due

to its batter

like swiss cheese

it’s holy

like whiskey

it’s smoky

its tater tot


tastes like gnocchi!

it’s shot through with glitter

and scoops of grey matter

on ninety-ninth purchase

you’ll meet the Mad Hatter

–to wonka the way

through factories of mind

emerging or not

as 33rd kind…

©Karen Robiscoe

daily prompt: the 32nd flavor

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