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I Got a Feeling

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

trust your gut

>that little voice<

any time you make

a choice,

since hairs

will only stand on nape,

when the feedback

is innate.

your sense that’s sixth

is intuition

comprising more

than inner frisson

composed of sheets of

fine perceptions

gathered from

untold impression

body language?

sure that’s one

and moues on mug

can start that thrum

add history

of other such

and soon

you’ll have

a flutter-gut.

Yes, Sig Man Freud

conjectured apt:


is utter crap

–all accidents

a misconception–

while ESP

is true collection…

of hundreds

maybe thousand


assembled from

the outside in.

┬ęKaren Robiscoe

prompt: gut instinct

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