Santa Barbara Fire 5:30 Pac Time

Santa Barbara Fire 5:30 Pac Time

san marcos preserve_1

san marcos preserve

road closed

Highway 154 closed

Pictures taken from San Marcos preserve, a fire started in the camping area of White Rock off Paradise Road in “Red Rock”, part of the Sierra Madre mountains…Winds are gusting at 25 mph…

6:30 5/27–fire has burned 700 acres, but is still contained to back country. Fire fighters are cutting lines, trying to keep it on Santa Ynez side of Paradise Road, so it doesn’t climb the mountains and head for the coast. 75 residents evacuated so far. Horses can be taken to Earl Warren Showgrounds. Wake Center at Turnpike is evac center.

8 am 5/28- burned 1800 acres, 10% contained. 2 vehicles, one ranger structure damaged, no injuries GBY.

 RV’er at campground witnessed dumping hot coals in dry grass. Think of the forest…Run, Forest Run!! And I DO mean the animals…

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22 Responses to “Santa Barbara Fire 5:30 Pac Time”

  1. Prometheus sure laid one on us.


  2. My sister and her husband’s cabin is close to here. I truly hope all is well. Thank you for posting. I wouldn’t have known.

  3. Be safe, my friend!


  4. 😦 We had one here a few weeks ago near Glendale as well. Scary!

  5. oh my god how sad

  6. Oh no, this is the first I’ve heard of this. Haven’t read the news yet. My heart goes out to all impacted and I hope you are safe.

  7. No like anymore. 😦

    • I know, Meme. It’s very sad when you think of the wildlife involved. Thankfully wind has shifted direction; we are now at 1800 acres and still 10% containment–also the authorities are supposedly onto that person of interest (the dip****that dumped hot coals) so at least there will be some sort of comeuppance.

  8. melanietoulouse May 29, 2013 at 11:58 am

    “liked” for the post, but sooo saddened for the fire… Love, Mélanie

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