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Chef Gordon Ramsay: He’s Raw!!


Yahoo Voices

Yoo-hoo! Oh Ya-hoo! Voices, to be specific, and here’s a link most chickens will enjoy. The assignment was to write off a TV show character from a currently running show—to fire him, so to speak—and since I was recently blasted by a marathon of the mercurial Gordon Ramsay dba Hell’s Kitchen, my ear drums and deliciously, offended sensibilities dictated  it was time to tell him to p*ss off & demand the return of his chef jacket. The article includes a few suggestions for his replacement, and since the “dinner show” runs 24/7, I hope you’ll come by & find out who I think is better suited to the toque.


Tuna Casserole with Albacore Recipe

a tuna

Hub Pages

Toque-ing about food. Can you imagine how a spurned Ramsay might critique the above listed recipe? If his mien was mean before his hypothetical goose was cooked, the review would be off-the-charts heinous! More 4-letter than 4-star, and while I agree tuna casserole is about as remarkable as leftovers, this one is pretty good. It’s my latest addition to the recipe box over at CHARRON’s CHATTER Hub Pages, and it’s a featured HUB page, like all my recipe pages over there have been—yaaAAAAaayyy, and go figure—and besides. Casseroles are a go-to comfort food for all that they lack glamour, and some days, you just need a little comfort food.

Click here for the announcement of Empirical’s closing

you look a little blue...

you look a little blue…

Empirical Magazine—

Like those days you click on the link to the magazine slated to publish 2 of your poems in 2 separate issues and discover they are shutting doors. Rolling up the welcome mat, and yanking the shingle. In the same way your chain feels yanked to find out that bit of personally relevant news in so impersonal a fashion. And by you, I mean me, and by magazine I mean Empirical, and it’s a shame, really. They looked like such a nice magazine when we first met, and then well…

a rain thing

Boo-hoo. What can you do…Besides prick voodoo dolls & draw pentagrams, I mean. I’ve taken some time to assimilate this bit o’ bad news—pretty much all of June—but if your neck feels rubbery, and you gots to get your car-crash-curiosity on, g’head and click on the above link to that PDF. An acronym meaning something entirely other than Portable Document File in this instance, I can tell you that, but I’ll save those wordplays for another day, because all is not lost…

Tossed & Found Published!

Bouquet I found when walking the other day that inspired the short fiction: Tossed & Found

Bouquet I found when walking the other day that inspired the short fiction: Tossed & Found

Dark Light 3

Some stuff is in fact, found. Tossed & Found & published to booty-boot! Yes, Crushing Hearts & Black Butterfly press has published a flash fiction of mine in their latest anthology: Dark light 3, a collection of horror shorts published in all the formats you hear so much about—print, digital, Kindle and blood (Moo—hoo—hah—hah—hah—hah…um, lessee, 1 2 3 4….hah!) So that’s good thing, if not a Martha Stewart thing, and it’s selling like blood sausage over at Amazon for less than a buck. So, here’s hoping you surf over & check out the Anthology—and by check out I mean buy, and by BYE, I mean see you, because that’s all for now!

Thanks for reading,  Chicksters. I am off for a run…Join me virtually, if you want!

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  1. I love The Planet You Come from ……Karen …..:) seriously …….
    Too much fun xo

    • Cat that is the best thing! I think your solar system is nearby…and yes, the atmosphere is just wonderful. Like Venus pastels without that unfortunate Kelvin factor..hehe. Thanks, rock star!! 🙂

    • totally nearby ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      no Kevin Factors …..NOOOOOOOOO
      swirly colours and nebulae made of cotton candy 🙂
      big Hugs xxxxxxx
      and about that beach House on fb i saw you posted
      we could put that in the sky on a cloud >: 🙂 LOL XXXXX

  2. Off to prick voo doo dolls . Thanks so much for the reminder Karen! 😀

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