Words between Dustcovers

For anyone interested in short stories I’ve written, here’s some information. (note–a repeat for most of the blog-O-sphere, but I have a date on a blog tour in August, so I am cleaning house, getting out the china…buying flowers. Now, provided there’s no lipstick on my teeth–I am good to go!)

Available on Amazon

Thank the Good God She Found Jesus

Thank the Good God She Found Jesus

27 pages, download at Amazon for $2.99

Bad girl goes good–and then bad again–exchanging Hail Marys for Happy Hours, and piety for pilsner in a month of equalizing Sundays.

So Five Minutes Ago

So Five Minutes Ago

24 pages, download at Amazon for $2.99

Set against the backdrop of a strip club on Halloween, this urban fantasy pokes good-natured fun at the trends of today’s society, while skirting the more serious issues of outsourced & obsolete American workers.

Available on Amazon and Smashwords

Tire Rims & Hailstones

short fiction by karen robiscoe

10 pages, download at Smashwords for FREE!!

A short fiction looks at the lighter side of religion and X’s and O’s. Basically a tic-tac-toe of chemistry, agendas & revival…

Through the Monitor

Karen Robiscoe is a best-selling author

35 pages– download from Amazon for 99¢

Jump down the rabbit hole–fall through a GUI–become the avatar you seem to be & join Link on a trip to Cyberland. Plenty of digitally generated shenanigans & reasons to upgrade, this Window between worlds has Gates stamped all over it…

Click HERE to download those bottom 2 short stories in any format from Smashwords

Some work of mine published by other folkerie:

“What Happens in Vegas”

What Happens in Vegas by Karen Robiscoe introduces the key players in Spirited Remix

Postscripts to Darkness, volume #3

(direct purchase through publisher)

Short fiction: “What Happens in Vegas” introduces a

few, key players in urban fantasy: SPIRITED REMIX.

“Tossed & Found”

Tossed & Found by Karen Robiscoe is a horror short with a twist.

Dark Light 3 at Amazon
“Tossed & Found” is a horrifically, twisted short…

“Silent Night”


Purchase on Amazon

features : Silent Night

“Heavy on the Advent,

and light on the good will toward men…”

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13 Responses to “Words between Dustcovers”

  1. I didn’t realise you had written so many. I have more to buy 🙂

  2. I love your writing style and just went to buy 3 of your eBooks, but if I read the info correctly, they are currently only for Kindle readers. Is that right? I don’t have a Kindle. I have an iPad and am mostly computer illiterate. Is there an easy techno-work-around that would allow me to buy and read your e-books on my PC or iPad?

    I’m going to have the same situation for my children’s books in that they are illustration intensive and as such, publishing pro’s say the only eBook platform they’ll work well on at the moment is the Kindle. Hopefully that will change soon.


    • Oh Russ! Awesome that you pointed this out. 2 are available at Smashwords–in like, oodles of formats. Here is the link for that:


      The best thing about buying from there is that one of them is free. 🙂

      The reason the other 2 are only available on Kindle: when I made my foray into self-publishing, I stupidly signed up for KDP program. KDP inclusion means your work is exclusive to Amazon–the supposed upside being additional inclusion in their Kindle lending Library–so increased readership potential through Amazon–but that struck me as more hype than helpful. I subsequently pubbed 2 through Smashwords that, as mentioned, offers a lot more formats published–and now am pretty much done pubbing shorts of any kind myself.

      I have 2 shorts available in anthology publications by other presses–and that is prolly the way I will go in the future for all future short publications. I am still a little old school in that thought, I suppose–want someone else to be the publisher, me the writer…but intend to approach more acclaimed journals–think Glimmertrain, Ploughshares, Tin House, Paris Review, etc…journals not apt to go out of business before they fulfill publishing contracts, as well as touting credentialed, pedigreed staff to judge your work. Not these fly-by-night start up presses, thank you very much. Although I have to say, I have to stop getting in my own way. I would have had several things pubbed this past year–not even including REMIX, the big ‘un–had it not been for simple mistakes I made when copy editing & creative differences.

      I live, I learn. Oy vey.


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