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Hey-lo, Blog-O-chicken-peeps-O-avatars. (and any other DPI I might not have mentioned)  I am deep into the second installation of the Cyberland series—the sequel to “Through the Monitor” (or continuation, howsumever you want to look at it) so I will be MIA for a while. On the DL. The QT.  Surf by for news as to how “The Screen Borrow” progresses—which, given the very few letters I have to choose from—should be pure gibberish! 😉 Happy blogging, kids.

The Screen Borrow - second installation in the Cyberland series - coming soon!

“The Screen Borrow”

(sneak peek)

Book 2 in Cyberland Series

… Wait. Did his ex-girlfriend, the permanently Flat Patty print out along with Cheeky Butts? It’s hard to be sure. Link’s eyes are necessarily glued to the muscleman advancing on him now, and he can’t spare more than a cursory glance toward his partners in crime, though Sloth’s laborious progress is hard to miss even in his peripheral vision.

The muscleman amazingly wide shoulders soon blot that out; he’s NFL big, straining polo & Bermuda shorts no doubt purchased at the Improbably Gigantic store, for all their floral design and pink coloring, and the eyes sunken back into the close-cropped head look near piggishly stupid. A pig’s probably smarter, but even so, those eyes are trained on him, and Link yells:

“Stop! I know karate.” hamming a pose in mimicry of the Ninja avatar who’d burst from the Fortune Cookie in Print Forest, but from the safe distance of mounted credenza to which he’s leapt, kitty corner the group of digital misfits. His broadened scope shows Cheeky Butts did indeed print out with Sloth, along with Iris, and a half-printed avatar Link can’t bring himself to squint at & identify—thank God it’s remained stuck in printer spool—and though Iris has morphed into a fully 3 dimensional cube of herself, Cheeky’s become flat-assed. Become flat everywhere, and while her flat everywhere is considerably more pin-up poster than Flat Patty’s ever was, if pin-up posters could wail, flail, and present a cheeky backside simultaneously, she’s still advancing on him all too quickly…

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9 Responses to “Gone Fiction…”

  1. YAY!!! I loved Link’s journey in the first one. I am really looking forward to the next bit. Can I make a humorous suggestion? What about making the shop: Improbably Gigantic Online Retailer .. but of course it’s your book. It was just something I saw in my mind when I read that 😉 Or something for use at a later date in something else 🙂 Sorry, rambling. I am so looking forward to this.

    • hehe–you have a mind very like mine! I love that…IGOR…very very clever. I will see where I can work it in, because it is instant acronym love. 🙂

      The best part about this one, Ay–I have all the notes, so I just have to follow them–like a recipe. Some cool new characters in this one–and a real surprise for the readers from the get go!!

      I’ll resurface directly…and thank you for your awesome encouragement. 🙂

    • Excellent when you have notes. I am still on the notes taking at the moment trying to sort out language ans syntax is awkward. Writing and rewriting then deleting whole sections.

      Any ideas on when it will be released? lol

    • ooh. Prolly a coupla’ weeks. Since I did the Through the Monitor as a “selfie” I’ll print this one, too–but it is the end of any such endeavors into independent pub.

      I don’t even number them among my publications, so much do I believe that an objective, educated person (an editor) needs to be the one to call me: author. Else I am the only “authority” deciding I am an “authority”. In which case–I’m president! President of the United States, and I call: ally–ally–all come free. 🙂

    • Haha President of the world 😀 I look forward to seeing this one 🙂

    • 🙂

      typed 1000.

      Gonna break now.

  2. you’re truly awesome sis! Awesome writing, wonderful entertainment ! Blessings dear heart~ Debbie

    • thanks, honey. I am having a lot of fun “not being here”…and by here, I mean in the real world. The worlds in fiction are so much better–so much easier to control. 🙂

      I hope you are good. I hope your health is still better! You are very sweet, and always make me feel great about my writing. (not an easy task!) lo lo, but thank Gee someone is up for that. You are so very talented yourself, you see…and as to that: I am so remiss in terms of visiting blogs right now, but I…well…

      I am a bit wilted of a carnation these days, but trying to hang in.

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