Modern Day Faeries (for dummies)

Karen Robiscoe dba pixie...:)
A modern day faerie can’t be too careful
—she ought to sleep on the right.
Under promotional dreamcatchers
from Chumash Casino
and Uncle Milton’s Magically Phasing Moon.
She must hang faceted, plexi-glass crystals
in halls.
suspended on quicksilver
–dusting incidental cobwebs–
and tying knots for Spiders when she’s able.

The modern day faerie keeps
artificial rubber trees well-trimmed
‘waters them with thought
placing them strategically wherever
civilization juts
or intersects
creating a sense of faux
that softens edges and corners
likely to cut.

it’s essential this up-to-date faerie burn patchouli…
Sage-like leaves that
open doors and windows for
(more than banishing)
Listless sprites
from hearth-less home
(those pushing stones up obsolete grade)
She should always carry back-up pepper spray, however.

The modern day faerie is apt
* as girl faeries are *
to spell her name unusually
to no good effect
to dribble DPI
& pixel dust
in her wake
your sleep
the periphery with wing casings.

A totally with-it pixie
this au courant faerie consults familiars
–cats in glass boxes,
birds in metaphor
and penguins on TV, now and again
since they’re especially quiet.
Loyal, too,
caring nothing at all if this then limits the scope of Q&A
She makes do…

The modern day faerie
reflects on things, and
–Gorgons, too,
chasing limelight
and dancing a scurvy dervish in the foots, all the while,
gathering society’s
elusive Turkish Delight
while she’s at it,
that lowliest of alloyed grails
for all its build-up
“extra” cash
since the modern day faerie operates the spots while she’s there, also.

©Karen Robiscoe

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5 Responses to “Modern Day Faeries (for dummies)”

  1. Dang, those are a lot of rules for the modern fairy. 🙂

  2. Karen…Dancing words from a spirited
    Dancer…Thank you for soft edges—pixel dust and
    for being a ‘with-it’ Pixie….Phil


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