Fluffy Insides


what do I have now?

Full of Self Possessions,

my Belongings

of Sense were
Lost in Transit,

–Thank God I wore sensible shoes—

Family Trappings

rerouted to

God knows Where

an’ me with all these claim tickets I can only exchange for more forms…

*Lifeless forms*

a Baggage Check I’d rather


–Good Thing for those “High IQ” seeds I snuck through Customs–

fuggadabout being the answer to 235 across, as well—

in the Traveler’s Anagram Puzzle Book I also have,

>and am never without<

what else do I have, I wonder?

I bare Gab Gifts

loads of Gab Gifts,

scrumptious & extravagant & a la mode

arriving late & making a splash

in fabulous Wraps

(like Auntie Mame)

Better than Fed-Ex.

since these Prescience of Mind arrive 24/7—

in all kinds of weather

so many Stringed packages to sign for,

I toss the bulk unopened in the general direction of

Public Storage

a permanently grey area that Mugs

but never rains

>splattering Affects<

aiming parabolic, rainbow synapses

across acres and acres of Unreal Estate

–I own!

flat out own—

minus the

more-more-more Gauge

A Room with View I Homesteaded myself,

for the pre-requisite 7 years

(and then some)

employing good old-fashioned

shock therapy

(transmuted to ink)

to fashion Stalls & Hedges appointed with charged worldviews

on range of Wild, Wild, ‘Bellum

in detailed mind frames

(some might say ornate)

impossible to find on open market…

What else-what else-what else!



in Deed.

My Knowledge Wealth.

That’s highly bankable, too,

just not to the US,

and grows on Principles

in which I placed great Stock

—so surprise!

That makes me rich!

My Wordy Goods only accruing daily

>ignorance-< for example

means: bliss

didja know

and Mind Peaces

*tho small*

s’more valuable still.

©Karen Robiscoe

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I bring to you an arrow, whole, Use it, or break it, But if you choose to take it --Know-- With it also, I will go. © Karen Robiscoe @1992

3 Responses to “Fluffy Insides”

  1. Recent extended family happenings have me thinking – belongings…keep ’em.

    • oh, rite. I have been through it lately, too, and it is funny (funny horrible, not funny ha-ha) how families can be.

      like Jerry Seinfeld might say: what’s the deal with that?