chicken bones_author shots copyMs. Robiscoe is a delighted but distant member of Phi Theta Kappa & honors grad of SBCC. Currently residing in those first 2 initials, she’s better described by these: LQTM, as well as a product of white flour Cheerios & disinterested parenting.

A perennial daydreamer, Karen spends most days looking for her car keys, wondering why the Mayans were wrong, & writing tiny notes to herself on anything that will bear ink.

While the aspiring novelist has had poetry, short fictions & creative non-fiction published, Spirited Remix is her debut novel. Follow its trek to publication right here at: CHARRON’s CHATTER.

Publications & Nods:

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (pending) Summer 2015–essay published by Meat for Tea; the Valley Review

Talking Shop (pending) Spring 2015–poem published by Main Street Rag

Ferry Tale Endings  08/2014–poem in Charon Devotional by Bibliotheca Alexandrina

“Good Penny” 05/2014–villanelle published by Steam Ticket: A Third Coast Review

“REM’bering” 07/15/2014–poem published in Peach Fuzz Magazine

Word Mosaics 02/2014–chapbook published by Fowlpox Press.

“Fairy Tale Hive” 10/2013–12 poem limerick series in Bohemia Journal ***

“Silent Night” 09/2013–short story in Scary Story (anthology)

“The Poseidon Adventure”09/2013–poem in Bohemia Journal

“Santa Barbara White Fire Nearly Contained”05/31/2013news article syndicated on Yahoo News Network

“SPIRITED REMIX” novel-length urban fantasy pending publication

Tossed & Found short story–in 07/2013 print/e-Book edition: Dark Light 3 (CH & BB Publishing)

What Happens in Vegas short story–in 04/2013 print edition PstD Volume #3 (Postscripts to darkness)

1 of 2 Featured Literary Artists in 9/1/2012 edition of: Art4TheHomeless Webzine

Qualified in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Awards 2012 – General Fiction category.

Semi-Finals in SFWPA annual writing contest 2009 (excerpt)

Honorable Mention in Writer’s Digest 78th Annual Writing Contest, 10/2009, Mainstream Literary Division (excerpt)

Wash Day poem–e-published 6/2012 by: Handful of Dust (on page 10)

“New Shoes” poem published 06/2008 by: SPECTRUM Anthology at UCSB, edition CLVV

“The Write Ingredients” poem published 06/2007 by: SPECTRUM Anthology at UCSB, edition CLVIV

*** = To purchase hard-copies of Bohemia Magazine featuring Fairy Tale Hive in its 12 poem entirety, click here: Buy BOHO

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I bring to you an arrow, whole, Use it, or break it, But if you choose to take it --Know-- With it also, I will go. © Karen Robiscoe @1992

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