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chicken bones_author shots copyMs. Robiscoe is a delighted but distant member of Phi Theta Kappa & honors grad of SBCC. Currently residing in those first 2 initials, she’s better described by these: LQTM, as well as a product of white flour Cheerios & disinterested parenting.

A perennial daydreamer, Karen spends most days looking for her car keys, wondering why the Mayans were wrong, & writing tiny notes to herself on anything that will bear ink.

While the aspiring novelist has had poetry, short fictions & creative non-fiction published, Spirited Remix is her debut novel. Follow its trek to publication right here at: CHARRON’s CHATTER.

Publications & Nods:

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (pending) Summer 2015–essay published by Meat for Tea; the Valley Review

Talking Shop (pending) Spring 2015–poem published by Main Street Rag

Ferry Tale Endings  08/2014–poem in Charon Devotional by Bibliotheca Alexandrina

“Good Penny” 05/2014–villanelle published by Steam Ticket: A Third Coast Review

“REM’bering” 07/15/2014–poem published in Peach Fuzz Magazine

Word Mosaics 02/2014–chapbook published by Fowlpox Press.

“Fairy Tale Hive” 10/2013–12 poem limerick series in Bohemia Journal ***

“Silent Night” 09/2013–short story in Scary Story (anthology)

“The Poseidon Adventure”09/2013–poem in Bohemia Journal

“Santa Barbara White Fire Nearly Contained”05/31/2013news article syndicated on Yahoo News Network

“SPIRITED REMIX” novel-length urban fantasy pending publication

Tossed & Found short story–in 07/2013 print/e-Book edition: Dark Light 3 (CH & BB Publishing)

What Happens in Vegas short story–in 04/2013 print edition PstD Volume #3 (Postscripts to darkness)

1 of 2 Featured Literary Artists in 9/1/2012 edition of: Art4TheHomeless Webzine

Qualified in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Awards 2012 – General Fiction category.

Semi-Finals in SFWPA annual writing contest 2009 (excerpt)

Honorable Mention in Writer’s Digest 78th Annual Writing Contest, 10/2009, Mainstream Literary Division (excerpt)

Wash Day poem–e-published 6/2012 by: Handful of Dust (on page 10)

“New Shoes” poem published 06/2008 by: SPECTRUM Anthology at UCSB, edition CLVV

“The Write Ingredients” poem published 06/2007 by: SPECTRUM Anthology at UCSB, edition CLVIV

*** = To purchase hard-copies of Bohemia Magazine featuring Fairy Tale Hive in its 12 poem entirety, click here: Buy BOHO

Fairy Tale Hive Series Published!


Ahh, what a day. It’s full of all the proper “day things” already: minutes, possibly hours, definitely lap kitties, absolutely coffee, burgeoning sunrise—okay, okay, I am up early, due to aforementioned lap kitty—but best of all, it’s full of good news. My fav-O-write kind of good news, the kind that has to do with writing, and to get all crazy concise about it, the kind that has to do with poetry publications. Mine, yours, theirs, and ours, can we bang QWERTYs, chest bump monitors, get a ‘what-what’, and a ‘heeEEEEeey’, ’cause the Fairy Tale Hive (limerick) series has been printed in Bohemia’s latest journal! In its Through the Looking Glass entirety, blog-O-rabbits! Tall Alice has nuthin’ on me this morning, I tell you, even if she does feature in a couple of the dozen poems that link you through a fantastical re-imagining of Fairy Tale Heroes, Greek Gods, Zombies, Disney Characters & still others, wending their way through combs, homes, Hollywood, Vegas and the highest of seas !

soda pop sea

Gigantic Shout Out to editor in chief: Amanda Hixson.  Not only is she a submitter’s dream when it comes to communication, this first rate lady puts out a journal that redefines the term: journal, since Texas-based Bohemia Journal is an art form in itself. From the cover, to the contents, to the credits, each glossy page is printed on quality card stock, splashed with gorgeous graphics, and loaded with literary & visual art. It’s a regular brush-stroke of a journal, so beautifully is it ‘daubed’, and I’m as excited as I’ve ever been in my literary life to be included in it. Chickens, you know how much that series means/meant to me, and to have it accepted, presented and printed by such a great company just fills me to the brim with pride and pleasure. Like an overflowing potion bottle it’s okay to drink lots of!!


And with that heinous preppie ending, I’m out. Back to finishing Cyberland’s second book: The Screen Borrow. It’s coming along wonderfully well, and has more surprises than a Crackerjack sailor. Hell, he even makes a cameo….or does he?  Stay tuned for more 411, vis-à-vis, and here’s wishing each and every one of you fellow artists out there all the colors in the rainbow you can’t see…

Meantime click below to:

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Try Bohemia Journal!

the Latest

Time for a lil update about Artsy Letters—stuff other than blog posts, riddling poems, and random non sequiturs. I have a few projects I’ve shared, and it’s time to update their collective “what what’s”. So with oodles of adon’t, and absolutely no ado at all, let’s get to it.

Karen Robiscoe dba a penguin domanitrix!

As announced earlier this month, Bohemia Journal—Twisted Mother Goose Edition/Creepy Dolls—has published the entirety of my Fairy Tale Hive Series. A whimsical story in verse that follows the adventures of Zombies, Greek Gods, Fairy Tale Heroes, Disney characters and still others as they wend their way down the rabbit hole, up to the constellations, and into the Hive—even their more terrestrial adventures feature exotic locales, destinations locations, & gambling meccas, too.

Karen Robiscoe dba pixie...:)

Fairy Tale Hive is an even dozen poems, since the Baker makes no cameos, and I mention this again because I am gobsmacked (the American equivalent of gobsmacked is: “shut up!” << with a playful-to-forceful shove backward) at the artistic detail editor Amanda Newhouse Hixson added to the pages. She is an angel of an editor with whom to work, professional and caring, and I count this as one of my proudest achievements thus far. I’m including a link, and a hope you will go peek, and for you more well-heeled folkerie out there—it’s available for purchase!

Bohemia Journal

Zombies, Creepy Dolls, &

Twisted Mother Goose edition

Moving on. Anthology Scary Story—in which my short story: Silent Night—was published, is now available in e book and kindle and other formats digital. The paper version is still available, also. It bears mentioning that editor: Parker Ashley Owens was another charmer when it came to copyedits and communication. Founder of KY Story, the man is a perfectionist, and I heartily recommend submitting to this journal when you get to clicking.

Scary Story Anthology


Karen Robiscoe authors Silent Night

What else. Right. Spirited Remix—my urban fantasy manuscript that started it all. Well, unfortunately, the publishing house that was looking at it with so much interest & did in fact, pick it up, went out of business. I was disappointed, of course, but still very encouraged by my final words with the editor of that house, which will remain nameless for discretionary reasons. Presently, REMIX is under review here and there, but not anywhere where I feel all fired up about it, nor by particular request, so I must therefore bump up this twice-accepted, never published manuscript. I am confident REMIX will ultimately find a good home; especially if I can get over my separation anxiety produced by publishing contracts.

super sach thumb

And let’s not forget: Charrons Chatter Hub Pages. My Hub pages feature a variety of (mainly) vegetarian/pescatarian dishes and recipes, complete with step-by-step jpeggery, and a special scratch & sniff function at the end screen. Trick, the scratch & sniff comes a screen before, so why not head over there before your next shopping trip, and pick a yummy recipe to try. I’m including the same link you can always find from the sidebar of this site for easy association!

Charron’s Chatter Hub Pages


Next. The Kickstarter Kampaign. Still alive and well, and at 10 % of my ultimate goal. There are just 9 days left to share or contribute, and if any of you finds me entertaining, why not flip me a buck? You can literally contribute as little as that. Imagine I am a street performer—because, well I am, albeit cyber streets—and in that sense, have my back up against the wall on a daily basis. Hell, I’ll even serve you a phat cyber cocktail; made with fresh-squeezed juice, and hand-muddled, if you do.

Tell me all your troubles...

Done stumping—and I wish I didn’t have to, but…wheel…squeak squeak.

Still more news about Charron’s Chatter Gazette. I sent 750 copies of the 3rd edition to print Monday, and dropped them off with the vending machine distribution guy Wednesday—for distribution all over Santa Barbara County. From as far north as Isla Vista (UCSB area) to as far south as Carpinteria (a factory outlet for shag—or oddly named beach town) I’ve included a link to the latest pdf version of it below, as well as on the Gazette page proper. Please peruse!

Charron’s Chatter Gazette–3rd Edition

Time constraints—working as a personal bitch assistant—has swallowed up the bulk of time I might have spent seeking advertising dollars, while reticence has finger-licked the rest. I think I am fairly entertaining, but I am not sure, and as thinly spread as I am now, I find it economically imperative to spend my time earning dollars as an assistant. I keep telling myself to go out and apply for writing jobs here in town…but then I don’t. As it is, by carefully budgeting out such irksome extras as groceries & shampoo, I will be able to afford to send one more run to print for the Christmas edition, but thereafter I am tapped. Luckily, I put a CTA for my Kickstarter campaign in the latest Gazette, and who knows? Maybe some philanthropist will get itchy fingers…

Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

Or maybe it’ll be so much bird cage liner—it could go either way…

Finally, the Screen Borrow. Available for $1.99 exclusively at Smashwords and its affiliates, the second book in the “Cyberland” series is ready to rock your cyber world. Picking up where Through the Monitor left off, the Screen Borrow follows the adventures of narcoleptic, blogger Link after he escapes Cyberland, only to instantly regret it. Joined by bird buddies: Tweetums and Repeatums, there’s plenty of other, new characters to keep you on your toes, plus fun with those you’ve met already, including Sloth, Iris, Cheeky Butts, and more! I hope you’ll click over to share, LIKE, review or purchase.

Karen Robiscoe dbs CHARRONs CHATTERScreen Borrow

And that, in a cyber nutshell, is that. Thanks for reading!

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