Fairy Tale Hive Series Published!


Ahh, what a day. It’s full of all the proper “day things” already: minutes, possibly hours, definitely lap kitties, absolutely coffee, burgeoning sunrise—okay, okay, I am up early, due to aforementioned lap kitty—but best of all, it’s full of good news. My fav-O-write kind of good news, the kind that has to do with writing, and to get all crazy concise about it, the kind that has to do with poetry publications. Mine, yours, theirs, and ours, can we bang QWERTYs, chest bump monitors, get a ‘what-what’, and a ‘heeEEEEeey’, ’cause the Fairy Tale Hive (limerick) series has been printed in Bohemia’s latest journal! In its Through the Looking Glass entirety, blog-O-rabbits! Tall Alice has nuthin’ on me this morning, I tell you, even if she does feature in a couple of the dozen poems that link you through a fantastical re-imagining of Fairy Tale Heroes, Greek Gods, Zombies, Disney Characters & still others, wending their way through combs, homes, Hollywood, Vegas and the highest of seas !

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Gigantic Shout Out to editor in chief: Amanda Hixson.  Not only is she a submitter’s dream when it comes to communication, this first rate lady puts out a journal that redefines the term: journal, since Texas-based Bohemia Journal is an art form in itself. From the cover, to the contents, to the credits, each glossy page is printed on quality card stock, splashed with gorgeous graphics, and loaded with literary & visual art. It’s a regular brush-stroke of a journal, so beautifully is it ‘daubed’, and I’m as excited as I’ve ever been in my literary life to be included in it. Chickens, you know how much that series means/meant to me, and to have it accepted, presented and printed by such a great company just fills me to the brim with pride and pleasure. Like an overflowing potion bottle it’s okay to drink lots of!!


And with that heinous preppie ending, I’m out. Back to finishing Cyberland’s second book: The Screen Borrow. It’s coming along wonderfully well, and has more surprises than a Crackerjack sailor. Hell, he even makes a cameo….or does he?  Stay tuned for more 411, vis-à-vis, and here’s wishing each and every one of you fellow artists out there all the colors in the rainbow you can’t see…

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13 Responses to “Fairy Tale Hive Series Published!”

  1. Woohoodiddliewoohoo That’s ber-ber-berRILLEEEAAAANNNNTT!!

  2. Great news. Well done.

  3. Yey!!! Congratulations! You deserve this an more you are an amazing writer!

  4. well done lady xo xo ❤
    mega achiever of everything = YOU XO

    • Hi Kitten–how nice of you to say. This particular pub means a lot to me–since the series it showcases…showcases me!! And all my 4:20 weirdnesses…it’s a right fun romp.

      I know you are setting the music world on fire, GF, and congratulate on your success, as well. Maybe one day, we will look back on this time, and see it for the stepping stones it provided. 🙂

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