your house

is where you live

the place you stay?

or where you hang your hat…

Is it a house

–or is it home,

complete with dog and cat?


Is it a spot to bathe and shave–

or do you mark its halls?

shingle fringes,

> oil hinges <

decking every wall?

your house

Is it your crib?

Or do you flop…

Is it a place

where you co-op?

Is it inviting–

walking in?

Is there fighting?

has there been?

Is it time share

–you its roomie–

is it cheerful?

is it gloomy?


whatever state of domicile

reflects Gestalt

of your lifestyle…

©K. Robiscoe

About Charron's Chatter

I bring to you an arrow, whole, Use it, or break it, But if you choose to take it --Know-- With it also, I will go. © Karen Robiscoe @1992

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