1 is self

–into selves

–into we

–into world

–into verse

–into verses

1 unites.

(115 is me)

2 is us

–just envision

–just in case

–just imagine

–just in time


2 completes

(2∅ is when)

7 is luck

–is week

–is mile

–is limit

–is measure

–is 4 11

7 encompasses.

(7x is me)



is magic.

3 represents

3 links

3 answers

3 stages

3 perfects–cosmically, terrestrially,ubiquitously–and without fail

(3 begins)

8 transcends all of this.

2 shape

— and spoke

2 connect

–and elect

2 octave

–and path

2 all that’s eternally rite…

infinity upended, 8 presents 3’s hidden curves….

infinite love

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