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Karen Robiscoe dba CHARRONs CHATTER

I am sick of painting

blackbirds blue…

trilling a vacuum hose in wind fans

as if the background Musak suits

as if I’d play it otherwise

when frankly, my loop plays for a reason–

it suits me.

with operator slash deejay slash bad pyrotechnics slash amazeballs punctuation which is nevertheless cliché at day’s end, and who cares, since it all sounds the f**king same.

Here we are,


a ba-jah-muh-f**king-try-zillionof us.

Each one of us

(and that’s a lot, in case you didn’t do the math up there)

broadcasting our views,


Like I dunno what…since it’s unprecedented, but try discussing that with someone, parroting that to someone, paraphrasing that to someone, pirating someone’s work–who no one knows, not even the someone Zero

(No one knows everyone except the someone Zero)

Some people!

The class room broadens and narrows, and blindfolded—

sheep follow rams off cliffs…

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