Riviera Paradise

ocean heart

Her name is Barbara–

tho’ I call her Babs

–I tell you she’s a peach…

her outlook sunny,

and fulla bunnies,

mostly on her beach…

She’s small,

and neat–

and dresses well–

but doesn’t let that stop…

her fun outside,

she likes to ride,

her mountain bike to top…

of any-any,

peaks a’plenty,

she has a room with view…

a southwest facing,


posture she assumes…

Yes, Babs a Saint!

a gentle friend,

the best in all the world…

a wild-tiled

–not too styled–

beach and mountain girl…

©Karen Robiscoe

prompt: why my town ROCKs

This is a little ditty for my city of Santa Barbara. I “adopted” her decades back, and can tell you emphatically, it’s the prettiest beach in all of Cally–and I have fostered a few. Hope your Thursday has distinct Friday qualities, and thanX for schtoppin’ in …

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