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Limerick: “King-Kitty” is the 7th installment in the star-crossed limerick series titled: “Star Charts”. This series spoofs a horoscope every month. To start at the beginning, click:“Waterboy”

zodiac wheel

And now on to Leo

my favorite by far!

(you can’t really blame me)

the Lion’s my Star—

my house in the heavens

my home on the range,

the Kitty that rules both

stellar and plains,

King of the Lions

and all beasties, too,

and best hair of all—

is generally true.

Our element’s Fire

to match our fierce ways,

our planet’s the Sun

and all its fierce rays,

we’re prideful & boastful

and happiest when—

we’re in a room full of

loud-talking friends,

vying & trying for

center of stage,

to bask in the moment

of Lion uncaged.

Beyond these conceits

that aren’t really harming,

we’re loyal to fault—

& sometimes quite charming,

we worry about

impressions we make,

but also…

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