Wiz Keypunch

She’s always been a blended drink.

Al’s favorite slammer,

and Moe’s favorite heat–

you’ll find her more Margarita than Mary,

a melting pousse, pousse, pousse that’s

–part ta kill ya

–part splashy sex

–part sour-n-sweet-n-

salty rims

all the same

she’s one girlie cocktail

known to separate out

after sitting

(un)becoming hard to swallow

wry—bitters—and cherry

her·mouth should be sweet!

and is altogether better when you

mix her

(old-fashioned as she is)

as she muddles fairly easily,

inclining her to throw rocks, instead of chew them

without sin, you know

break straws she ought grasp

f*ck that Joe Camel

eschew chimneys for buckets

listing or seated

all the while

Looking through her



©Karen Robiscoe

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