May See Princess

princess Target

check·out princess!


Living a fair re·tail

selling surplus frogs,

and working for the man…


(I guess)

Blue collar pays better than Blue·beard

the key is: blood money

since she’s positively riddled with bliss!

a happy ending

brothers Grimm concur

in·just desserts alone!

(ate our later)

featuring unlimited croutons

4 paths unknown

sparkling glass sole inserts


brakes every 4 hours

& spare cuneiforms included

4 no charge


fine print says…

Just a friendly reminder–a lot (a LOT) of the poetry (and fiction) I write is purely imaginative, and exists only in my imagination. I don’t, for example, work retail, but this poem works it just fine. It isn’t literal fiction/poetry, although it is–at times–literary.


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