Batter Apart

Cookie & Breadstick got together

at start and stop dinner
and lived well-off Divinity for a while

it’s very rich

and everything crumby

until things got stale,

and Breadstick went to hell…

he needed the heat to stay hard

Cookie getting all Betty Crocker with a need to conform…

becoming a secret Cutter

who never dared to use Sprinkles,

Or Icing,

Or even Powdered Sugar,

without Stick’s go ahead, who


morphed into the Doughboy

Burying Pills in his breadbasket to get through dinner

while Cookie Cutter hit the sauce pretty hard,

mixing up rum balls

(to cover)

burning Pan several times in the process

–and most associated utensils–

and it was inevitable that both glutens eventually batched out,

retiring to the shelves of the Big 4 store from which Breadstick and Cookie Cutter hailed, to await the return to

the Baker

–the real Baker—

all sixes & sevens & sum


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