A.K.A. Randoms


adoption: option to add one


hear about the jilted bride? her wedding went off without a hitch


Heads up: this tongue in cheek verse will blow your mind


when is a lime a pair? when there are 2 of them

when is a lime a pare? when it’s a’peeling

when is a lime au pair? when it’s a British nanny


Hall of Flame = where ex-lovers live


badly thought out body art = urban scrawl

dew bag = buttercup

deuce bag = mutt mitt

douche bag = poorly constructed boda bag


meme – all about me me (me)


slimey smiley <<same graphemes a coincidence?


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I bring to you an arrow, whole, Use it, or break it, But if you choose to take it --Know-- With it also, I will go. © Karen Robiscoe @1992

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