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It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog-O-sphere as to my pending publication (shenanigans) so I thought to drop a brief blog–a bloggette, if you will–as to the printed word.

Coming Soon to line bird cages everywhere is the poem (previously noted, but dropping this fair month of September) Talking Shop, published by Main Street Rag, a fine print and digital journal located in the heart of the suburbs. Also coming out this month is poem: wUndergrund published by collegiate journal: Sand Canyon Review.

Accepted–for who it is–is short story: Dr. Hamfist by the interestingly titled: Peachfish Journal, a peachy print and digital publication due out within 2-3 months from this post date. (kinda like a check) A rollicking look at root canals, and oxymorons, I’ll give a nitrous blast when this short is available for purchase.

Accepted by print/digital Checkmate journal is a whopping series of poems–7–which makes me seriously happy. You might say I am in 7th heaven…or at least on Cloud #7. A linked sequence titled: Chessing Game, I will leave it up to your imagination what premise this poetry covers…er…mateys.

Accepted by journal: Blue Crow is my short story titled: PMS Diatribe. The lesser known cousin of the v-Jay-Jay Monologues, this is sure to go well with bonbons, bitch-bitch, and any number of tabloid magazines. Better still, that latter can join the former as the aforementioned bird cage liner! A win-win (win) for all around, and a pending event I will update as the mood strikes me. (Sure to be emotionally charged)

At any rate, so is the lay of the land from my corner of the sphere, and please check back now and again to make sure you don’t miss further update-ery. Happy weekend of Labor, kidZ, and color me outtie.

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