Randoms 7

Resi-doodle = Cheetos grit on fingertips

yuck-a-mole = guacamole-like product at Taco Bell.

Toxic Hell = Taco Bell

PC = Pandora’s Box

BFDA = Monsanto’s BF’s


sheeple = mob (mentality)

Hippo-critter = A person whose view adjusts according to private or public arena. In context: “The now famous remark about the worthless 47% shows Mitt Romney as the Hippo-critter he is.”

bore-tender = host of any large group of people. May or may not involve alcohol.

internet = expanding dislike to the global level

writer of yore = introvert; learned; imaginative; studious

writer of today = computer owner

LOLSD = Laughing out loud…and tripping!

network account = no accountability (or) NA = NA…further: Na-na-na-na-boo-boo

Chicken & Egg: polluted in the head by computer—polluted in the computer by the head

NFL Refs = No Fair Looking; Not For Long; No Fair Laughing

Zuckerberg Fun Fact: breaks down to Sugar Mountain in German (“zucker” being sugar, and “berg” being mountain) Whaddayaknow. We can all stay on Sugar Mountain forever.

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