iScreen…uScreen…we all…(fuq it) etc…


we are all

palm readers now,

our life line

infinitely extended

courtesy of Apple—

the one Eve gave Adam?

the one that’s GMO?

the one that evil bitch gave Snow?

the one that guarantees a doctor a day?

the one juicing your eye?

hard to say, teary, dearie

–but easy enough to Google…

(something like…..a million hits)

shopping around Window-busting deals

on Girdles of Venus

(for Amazons)

our daily diagnosis

jovian finger


our daily dose of


a line or 2 away


our next best thing

a digital nail nearby

if you know how to read code…

Located near the thumb, the little known “pop-up” line

(developed this century)

along with the knee-jerk

diverts US for hours


from the reality of life—

so tastelessly un-virtual,

and altogether too hands on

it’s what happens when

you’re busy clicking other plans…

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