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I joined


since it seemed a CIA imperative

and sheep that I was

–I did—

“platform building”

my ostensible goal.

but the lure to post

piX of platefuls,



and selfies

proving I’m still pretty pretty


my blocked list

rivals friends list, and


people I want most

to connect with

–though most just shudder-bugs—

and distances me

from erstwhile friends

–since blowing up in person

is different than blowing up in messenger–

the former muddied in time,

and the latter dirt that never fades—

but at least I have

a vomit-in-the-back-of-my-throat

fan page,

the government has

a point of reference,

proof in the putting

–and a place to put it–

and gobs & gobs of




Prose and Con Text

I learned a new language

well, I kinda knew it already

spoken, I knew it, but

the writing of it is much harder!

every other word I spel incorrectly

–so badly I sometimes use number5 instead of l3tters—

and sometimes I dont punctuate at all

sometimes I flat out type gobbledy-gook


I don’t catch until too late

It makes the simplest words tiresome

and time consuming, too,

and if it were3nt so

dabb compe lling–

I wouldn’t write IT

at all

Resolution Code (revisited)

Diane Robiscoe was an exceptionally gifted artist

Jay went with Peggy

to MeMe’s big show

the spot


the hottest


dots-per-inch go

where graphics

by Vector

are just status quo

* not pixels *

> math’matics <

with ruled ratio…

By following Bits of a Map

to her site

the Photoshopped pair

streamed in Byte by Byte


their dressing

to lessen

the Drive

a modus

of loading

that coded

them light

and opening up

with remastered make-up–

fuzzed their Big Picture

but speeded the break-up

and since most attendees

were data

~with bling~


to beta new Pings…

©Karen Robiscoe

artwork: Diane Robiscoe

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