Ver-Knack-Knack…Who’s There?



& since spirituality

is the true religion,

I need you to share if you agree…

Agree that

1 share = 1 LIKE

for the fight against:






Big Brother

and brother, you are some kind of commie if you don’t.


Only kidding


laugh out loud without smiling at all,

my friend


keeping in mind

“you should be writing!”

and that:

“books are for reading–not faces”

*said no one ever *

and that only in Norway

can you attend college free of charge,

yet only in America

is chocolate actually a salad

(meme for meme, a better trade-off)

Whereas only in the World

does its most exciting man abstain from drinking, occasionally

but when he does imbibe

–when he does–

shit howdy,


Let’s just say, he shouldn’t be on facebook

he never clicks on even one cancer survivor’s story

not one!

proving what an a**hole he well & truly is

…when he is, of course, being an a**hole….

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