Born That Way

buff her
I write naked

because I can’t write

in the buff


it’s too raw,

and raw is for sushi and

the beginning of hide.

Rarely, are unadorned terms found in my Vegas outing,

or if they are—they turn in early

(all word and no play)

and it’s no wonder bra surprise

spank you very much

at least knot to me

(say+lure knot)

I’ve always said a good pare of ruse makes

the poem an’

it’s tried not true

in the manner of pins & burst seems

not true

after the fashion of late & never

not true

like shoulder pads & platforms

not true

clothes to what I mean but

full of darts–sometimes 2

they fit now & again but

that’s coincidental



darned and belted but

worsted case scenario:



they suit better than



not like I strip designer down

like that,

no, never

–say yada yada–

I keep the Muse on,

& divest

by polka dots


and all associated tittle & as


that’s usual

–it Self a

nude term—

to me.

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