Cereal_Cold_4changing the diet has amazing results–

why, just the simplest substitutions make all the difference!

Take, for example, my

daily intake…

foregoing my usual brekkie of

panick-cakes & agghhhs!!!

I chose surreal—a new one—instead,

and sure I made the cakes

but I let them congeal,

standing on teetering tippy toe to grab a

better choice

and yeah, I fell a couple of times reaching in that cabinet,

but at least I wasn’t running from precedent.

After a fulfilling bowl

of nutty bits of faith, and O shaped hope

I pollinated my Arrowhead with

bee-leaf—and maybe that’s sorta New Age

but what the hey.

It’s less lethal that way, and

the chia seeds I’d tried before had only served to make my rhetoric

visibly wild and woolly, and all health benefits aside—

f*ck that.

Then for lunch, well lunch,

I untwisted the corkscrew pasta that was my gut

(these days)

and tried bandages

~lots and lots of bandages~

to stop that infernal bleeding,

(heart problem)

washing it all down with a dose

of blood thinners

–trying to lighten up, you know, and be the light

that was dim some.

then for dinner,

it was Lamb.

Of course it was Lamb, and a side of

crucifix-erous veggies, ‘cause I know which side my

bread is buttered on


and maybe this sounds irreverent, but I’m

not changing for You.

Never have.

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