Greener Houses

where Bored walk,

and Parks Play–

I gotta give him props…

he is a real estate tycoon!

–in the Monopoly game of mind–
owning the better part of all titles,

and lucky



–since quitters go to jail on


down and out

and homeless don’t pass Go so much

as trespass Go,

on Milton Bradley’s block,

2 C notes the poorer, and

slummin’ through backwood barrio

(purples, you know)

–eventual says pool of looping synapse,

turned cardboard sign for

thumbin’ in Orange County

–missin’ Free Parking

by miles…

by boxcars



this much


of 5 Bills

(‘promise sorry notes)

just growin’, and

it’s always

(and oddly)

a relief to round

the corner & pay

that highway robber’s rent


to bunk in at

Marvin’s garden

–a bright yellow so Van Gogh,


& thought train

swirly good

–blurred at the edges

just enough to

make believable…

hell, he’s a slumlord


but he’s my slumlord,

and real estate

isn’t worth beans

–in Kansas.

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