Not Even Clothes

sifting through

my word-drobe

for the zillionth time,

I can’t find the cover I

keep there.

Donning sweater

I scratch–

clement climate precluding


and holy as the blanket is

(I grab next)

it lacks the character

such wear is said to impart, still

detailed enough

to obscure my lines,


it’s better to be cold

in such instances

–skirt I try


fails to wrap it up,

my but’s too big, I suppose, and oh!

It’s all out-moded!


Ripped where rips aren’t trendy,

and bedazzled when simplicity

is key. . .

Too matched,

too klatsched,




utterly uttered

(case in pointe)

My nudity

frightens me even so

I sift

. . .

Through thousands

of old favorites

. . .

finding absolutely nothing

to wear.

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