In re: party

Conversation is a knack,

the art of giving forth and back

–a method linking me and you

expressing thoughts—point of view…

but now and then you’ll drift away,

unaware of what I say,

at this juncture never fear–

there’s a way to mimic hear. . .

Check my gaze, and nod your head,

create impression what I’ve said,

is deep, and something that you ponder. . .

when in fact your thoughts have wandered.

Furthermore arrange your face,

in gauging manner, looking sage,

“Isn’t that the way it goes?”

is safe to say—is always close.

Otherwise, make sure to add

the words “I hear ya”—don’t bite back

–the urge to laugh, if it seems timely,

according to my tone, and finally,

When you’ve used up all of these,

check me out, from head to knees,

Interrupt, don’t interject

“have you lost weight?” is totes correct.


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