Turn Your Papers Over


Pop quiz—

it is your life, and is so John Lennon.


page after page of

multiple choice–

it’s the same question!

the nerds already know


Some word problems,


some spatial fill-in-the-blanks,


some math, too,

ugghh! math!

the question is. . .

the ah-hah moment consists of. . .

the I got this (or not)

redundant much?

is simple, trigonometrically speaking.

Will those who wrong you,

make you wrong?

will the trials rigged to be

unsolvable result in

crumpled balls?

will the problems transcending speech

render you dumb?

Lowering your average when lack

of nearby companion

to cheat on

tips you into lower percentage.

You can make it up

as you go


you have to!

Grace earns extra credit,

and attendance changes curve,

and persistence is a plus,

that evens every score

& even better—

bumps your LOV

Life’s Overt Value

into the stratosphere.

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