From the Ground Up

a human being,

not a human doing

–I acted just the same.

I kept on my toes.

I jerked at the knee.

–directly connected to my mouth, wherein my foot resided–

I shot from the hip,

but failed to trust my gut all the same

–its plural gone missing long since, and

wary, then–

and weary, too,

I played it close to the breast.

shoulders morphing geometric, rounding and squaring repeatedly,


–at last–

I upped my chin

–mouth, too–

getting all cheeky

–with myself–

while keeping my nose firmly in my own business.

and after returning from stuffed head trip,

–complete with body dysmorphia–

I trashed my luggage

–stickers on Samsonite, and souvenirs, included–

dwelling thereafter

in mind’s eye.


*Note–inspired by a phrase of guru Wayne Dyer: “You are a human being, not a human doing”


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