All at Once

Since hindsight

proved 20/20

I do the only sensible thing

–I schedule every yesterday

Plot and plan the past so meticulously

there’s hardly any conflict whatsoever

secure in the reality

that what’s next—was

.I never ruminate.

.nor muse in maudlin fashion.

.nor even wax nostalgic.

(for tomorrow)

on events not passed

opportune knocks untapped

orations unuttered

all hanging–over

–over ever on the brink—

gulping full-strength, preemptive aspirin

to prevent former headache

–hoarding the present

like a Grinch

(who will)

recording the now

like a stenographer

(with full permission)

marking time

like a to-done list

(before the stain sets in)

eager to

get back

to back


scored through.

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