it’s true

They met at

this outta site place

–exchanging the usual banalities

what’s your sign?

(or favorite emoji)

what’s your Nick named?

(and any password)

what color is your cash?

(white or blue)

and less common ones, too

–how tall?

(is your story–they both sat the whole time they talked)

–how fat?

(since polarized glass cast shadows)

–how much bullshit in current presentation?

(make-up, spins, flattering angles, and lifts– all)

and after stilted back and forth

(heavily reliant on hand-jive)

it was agreed

they were indeed

–a match.

(a deal sealed without handshake)

Did they leave together?

(d’ya think)

Well, no…

they hung out

. . .

in playin’ site

(of each other)

working the room

(the punched and clocked)

avoiding each other a little bit now

–they ran their lines

(net & hook)

looking for

–a spark.



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