but is it poetry

Instead of mopping

what lay beneath,

I painted underfoot

–no scrub, just brush—

–not nail, but soul—

detailing in

tended topography,

I rounded corners

my Technicolor toes


–traps unsprung–

when momentum seemed to fail


in lieu of dusting

grit, I kept it

distributing feathers


sweeping mimicry

–as light as hope and

–thrilling as wind and

–detached as the bird

from tale

we’re plucked


foregoing white


I dyed

–you heard?

that wool that gathered

every day

camouflaging stain so

blinders complimented

perception and

vertigo impressions

labeled: upside down



I skipped packing




boxed instead the



space surrounding

. . .things

–amassing containers

in  public storage, I

(promptly lost the key too


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