Mostly Coal

God gives with both hands

–to some–

a select fewer than you’d think

and if you’re reading this

I’m guessing you missed that

blue light special

(God isn’t on WordPress; you can tell by the lack of hands-on help)


To others He throws a bone

–a coupla’ bones, sometimes


if you’re lucky

–and tenacious—

–and well-heeled to start–

can add up

(by 7’s)

to a Big Win


Still others

the gifting

(to put it politically delicately)

is delegated

to his crew of elves

–equipped w wings

but less then He–



this close

to flying monkeys


the rest of the Lot

He consigns

to his Doppelganger


–a helluva lot of stairs—

and Shades away from Krampus,

He lets that Yang

dole out the goodies

–or would that be baddies?


a little too cute, I suppose,

and those recipients are

anything but

–a lot more than you’d think–

and if you’re reading this

–you have to wonder…

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