been in a spiral

since virus went viral

my livelihood taken away

while stress relief gym class

is closed by the Big Brass

no movies

no concerts

no plays


though much needed “me” time

is generally sublime

enforcing it renders its glow

an offshoot of bright screen

featuring newstreams

which content is focused on woe


I wonder what measures

we’ll turn to when pressure

to flatten the curve tapers off

if full body condoms

and masks will solve problem

of airborne, and there borne

or not.


if dating on dot coms

will stay there, not go on

to meeting in person at all

since droplets don’t travel

through sites, threads, or channels

through video conferencing calls


if you paired up

pre-dating pandemic

you’re probably panicking less

since 6 feet is same breadth

as depth for you in death

a distance unsocial…at best…

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