Event 2020

we are all islands

–all of a sudden—


man, woman, and deserted child,

stranded in a virtual world

(which U can’t spell without viral)

and Trump stumper or no—you gotta admit that’s bad politics


in dividing

in dividuals,

herd mentality reigns

–double an arm-span distance away

(oceans apart)

the world partitioned by screen



slammed shut against pandemic

(which U can’t spell without panic)

opportunity bypassing bell

(sorry we missed you!)

that can’t be un-rung

boarded up w

–Windows broken—

((compartments)) inside of (compartments)

hands not holding

arms not embracing

breath not breathing


particular expressions


on government-stamped


(stay close to home!)


(or else!)

in hell-locked


—the keys gone missing

–freedom deemed non-essential,

along with long-gone rights to privacy

doggone it!


Home Alone



remixed w

Munch’s scream

palms to dropjaw

(dropping arms)

slide inexorably closer

to mouth

–Test boundaries—

(gathering arms)

accidentally on


–checking corners–

purposefully accidental


smile as fixed as far off gaze

so clamped in place  you can almost hear the teeth grinding

–“say cheese” shot weeks past candid–

but doggedly determined

leashed owners retrace steps

not fetching



scepters on backorder

Billy Club hazing new members


–toilet paper trees

in yards (w) Gates opened.


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