2 Coats & a Ski Mask

cinema roles

ain’t as sweet as they used to be

–that BIG silver platter & chatter of nearby folks gone missing—

while the rest of us dish our own Kardashian slop,

heavy on the: I sing!

& so topical hot right up until the time of Freeze-Free’s

–audience all mandated missing-like, already–

ker*plunk goes the glacier, &

ker*splash goes the sea, &

ker*rap goes the 1 %

proper f*cked as the Rabbit Ears of a sudden

–them so-called Elites just as done in —

on accounta ain’t no one payin’ a way outta THIS one,

but whaddo I know?

I can’t barely afford this

here cinema role!


Comes time to realize

our side

of the teetering totter


the fat kid

–gulping tepid TV

(2 pomps & splash of circumstance per cuppa)

filtered ‘n framed as fittin’

and Hulu?

who knew this kinda sloth can lose dead weight afore the mentioned Big Chill?

Chewin’ puffed corn & starin’ like we do




gaslight theater

–Coleman stove, really, because:

no pilot light–


in tent city

is more dangerous without flame. . .

though it does prevent forest fires

–in this, our deforested world, an’

what’s a few asphyxiations in the grand scheme, anyway?


(for the greater, more breathin’-like good)

I say:


(the ayes have it on accounta everyone likes an Aye-man)


after dinner cafés

apt to keep 10 or more of us

awake nights

the one guy yellin’ at 60 feet away, blastin’ ear drums off t’other 50 feet back, and so on, and

so on, an’ so on, an’ so on, an’

nothin’ is subtle, an’ everythin’s disguised

‘cept refrain

in concert


“Go gym dandy, go!”

(good luck with that)

& oddly, no correspondin’ emoji…

the lot of us rarin’ to dance now that nobody is well & truly lookin’, an’


I say:


Lookit me, lookit me, lookit me!!

(for the lesser-like, like-me, like that good, but everyone loves is a showman)

–a right shame, but at least it’s clear


behind the mask, now




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