sisyphus (et al)

it’s harder to crush ants

these days

wiping out their rank & file

from sill to slop

paper toweling, oh. . .

how many?

a hundred?


without really

considering the kill. . .

without eyeballing

their collectivism

–an observation requiring

readers few retrieve—


that community unity breaks down

divided by even an inch

let alone 6

(metric measure included)

and their sense of direction

is masked

under blasts

of Raid

. . .

more than just an expression,

their back & forth

with crumbs

from counter

–heady booty indeed—

is a

total team effort

(and no doubt, hard labor)

a reward

that leaves me



it’s harder to kill ants

these days,

–at loose ends–

the magnification

of such an act




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