Gradating Grocery Lists

Avo is a pushy food

a hard-as-hell

then mooshy food

an eat-it-now

or toss it out

it pressures you

without a doubt


bananas are the same

to say

they’re on the clock

to throw away

mere moments after bitter green

they’re brown as bread

no in-between


which brings to mind

–those croutons keep!

dryness typifying


a tasty stale pretzels share

and best of all

unscheduled fare


and there’s no hour

yogurt ‘s best

its curdled sour

aces test

passing sell-by, eat-by dates

this year or next

that yogurt’s great


remember then

when roaming stores

to purchase food

that doesn’t force

your menu choice

–unless you like

pushy foods

that morph like ice.

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