Chessing Game

There’s always a passel

at Sometime Castle

–a blue-blood room and board,

hordes of good fellows

though none of them mellow

since everyone’s at war…

Protectin’ the realty

>per contracted fealty<

per lease agreement, too,

the boarders keep quarters

by following orders

from landlords’ who have feud–

–with neighbors next door,

blaming their poor

landscaping habits and loam–

their yard is just sod!

dirt black–and at odds,

with whitewashed stepping stones…

The neighbors deny it

inciting the riot

of bluebloods’ fancy guests–

–who square off with any

yard crossin’ gentry

in griddy game of Chess.

The pawn

is gone

to battle front–

his vassal path not easy…


do or dare

–it isn’t like Parcheesi.

no ruse


guileless game,

just one of eight-fold starters ….

~pitchin’ pike~

and taking names

the knave is still no a martyr

en passant peasant

yes, it’s true,

the pawn can earn prestige

advance 8 square

and once he’s there

the law crowns him the liege.

at nook

is rook

–no rookie squire

a mercenary

players hire…

a 2-for-one!

he doubles down

as Sometime Castle

–switching ground

with King, ensuring

safer play

besides a place

for all to stay

since chambers rent

by night or hour

a multi-purpose

saw-tooth tower

a citadel on wheels

–his moves

are wicked straight

no funky grooves

just even lines

from cornered start

a bed & breakfast

–plus rampart.

the knight

is not

your average piece

black or white

he’s on the lease

renting ell in castle, he


as se•cu•ri•ty

guarding boarders

~jumping same~

switching back

throughout the game

no Mountie packin’

empty holster

–the knight’s

a mighty, mounted soldier–

keen to leap into the mix

where inner squares

abet his tricks

expanding range of

swinging sword

so saddle up

let’s go to war!

the meshing of missions

for bishops is key,

a chess game tradition

that mixes mercy,

with two-bits marauding

& dashes to capture

–a mashup of warring

with afterworld Rapture–

& mishaps can happen

mistakes can be made

when crosswise

and Cross ways

are partners

in play…

the struggle for balance

contingent on prelate

–is he more the soldier?

or more of a zealot…

depending on

bias of bishop’s


produces a prisoner

or full benediction.

though King’s


prompted war


in truth

what men are for–

the Queen’s the piece

who moves & shakes

–the game of Chess


/ gate /

of Sometime Castle

& its grounds!


– — sideways — –

↑ up & down ↓

matching clothes

to hue of square



the chance is there

–to Fool Mates

& even Scholars!

by camo’d


–the real power.

while Queen is busy

winning Chess,

someone’s got to man the desk–

someone’s got to check the credit–

~run the crests~

switch out bedding–

castles don’t just run themselves,

but luckily the King can help.

His wheelhouse is checking in

unless, of course,

he’s in check, then,

it’s up to guests

to help him out

–which is, in fact, why they’re about

to guard the King

who all concede,

is piece that should have had the steed…

With moves so slow

& mounting stakes

no wonder he

can be


and this is why the King’s

the clerk!

shirking war

for turret work.

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