Windows to Your ______________

Eyes are the windows to the soul

ergo Windows is too,

at the very least

the Super Ego

–think of all those pithy news stories

you’ve posted

(and only skimmed)
those fundraisers

you’ve shared

(without donating)

and petitions

you’ve signed

with a self-righteous comment

or two,

the Ego deleting that initial damning remark

calling for blood

since you never know who might see it

(just that someone will)

and you might actually know that someone

(or be employed by that someone)

best only Google

be the spyglass

to your Id…

tho social media lays waste to that

social media and the

intoxicating anonymity

of a keyboard punched alone

as you load yourself

with round after round

of tequila shot

(duck shot if you’re suicidal)

a weaponry

sticks and stones

you only account for

may break my bones

at supermarket

and names can never hurt me

–the one you enter





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