the Opposite of Opposite


Dr. Seuss

and Mother Goose

met on match dot com,


determined pair

were Zebra

and beyond.

The duo dined

on food & rhyme

on ham & eggs of green,

a Humpty hash

with just a dash

of pease from

porridge theme.

The couple strolled

and passed King Cole

on journey to St. Ives,

Seuss tipped his hat

while slipping cat

in sacks of

seven wives.

Then squiring Goose

back home to roost

the London Bridge fell down,

stranding Seuss

–a coup—

with Goose

on higher, drier ground.

A fox in socks

He clocked her dock

she goosed his Sneetch

& wocket,

and hopped on doc

til weasel popped

rocketing from pocket.

And after that

Ma Goose got fat

so fat she had to lie in

but lost her girth

when giving birth

to twinkly star

named Ryan.

The lesson here

is fine and clear

(credit dating site)

to tow-tow boat

on date to float

when bridge is

lost to tide.

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