If You Put it Like That

to you

I’m her

a boon or burr,

but in my eyes

I’m “I”

. . .

a more important guy

. . .

the self attached to my

. . .

to what, wherefore, and why

. . .

the me that’s her

to you, is she

(to me)

and diff’rent thing entirely

and resonates with him,

not he,

apart from us,

not them but we,

and them’s

not they

–beyond this say–

exist in gobs

of fray afraid,

not groups, but mobs



(in force)

and those in




of course,

excepting none

a world pop,

made up of ones–


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I bring to you an arrow, whole, Use it, or break it, But if you choose to take it --Know-- With it also, I will go. © Karen Robiscoe @1992

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