Holy Hitching Post, Batman!

the Penguin

married Poppins–

–and Batman: Dracula,

the one was due,

to shaded views,

the other


impaired by light

the Darkest Knight

went bats for pointed tooth…


Wonder Boy

went on to wed

–his Bread–

and what a wedding!

until the toast,

when guests disposed,

of bride with tasteless spreading…

(no big surprise)

since super-size

of bride begat baguetting


Mr. Freeze


feline sleaze,

–the woman known as Cat

but pose she struck

was frozen stuck

when ice-man dropped to knees,

a sculpture that–

–graced punch bowl at

the rites of fellow thieves…


the Ridd’lah next,

wrote witty text

for vows employed in lieu…

but lost his wife

who failed to cipher

words to say: “I do”…

no punchline sung,

from twisted tongue,

just teleprompted clues…


yes, Batman and

prime-time brigands

–had lives off TV set–

that packed a punch


(and stunned)

the Joker still on deck.

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