Green Isn’t My Color

when I play sports

golf /__ ………. o…….


—pool→→o → o …..

or bowling ——-O→→→ IIIIIIIIII

>>batting, catching, tossing<<

any kind of aiming thing

when I play sports like that,

I rocket alone!

I get



and even

Turkeys, alla time–

(dog-earing Homer)

I swear.

Scouts honor.


I can’t ever

make the

( basket (

when people watch, though,

< the corner pocket <

that c-r-a-c-k-i-n-g connection

or tin cup, either,


and that presents a problem

>>Forever a gremmie, never a prose<<

A real problem.

I have to ask everyone behind me

to turn around

when I

T – off.

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